HarvestfieldchapelInternational (aka Kingdom citizens church)

Welcome to Harvestfield chapel international (aka Kindom Citizens church) website.The lord has been very faithfull from the inception of this ministry to date and we are greatfull to the lord for his mighty hand over this ministry.  we are very gratefull to God for  all his mighty doings and for endorsing the mandate.We see the mighty move  and hand of God in every aspect of this ministry. People are cured from all manner of sickness and  released from ancestral bondages.

The Theme for this year 2014 is: Uncommon favour!  This ministry has a dynamic leader filled with the holy spirit who is always ready to give his service to humanity. He is married to a wondeful woman of God Mrs Moronkeji Obot and they are blessed with 6 children. Pastor Mike Obot  as he is called leads every service we hold on the following days:Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. And on the  first of every month as directed by the Holyspirit he holds a special service tag "Operation Draw Me Out".

Additionally,this ministry has seen divers testimony from the manisfestation of Gods power during various anionted services.Examples are people healed from HIV, Kidney stones urinated, barren women becoming pregnant and many many more. These breakthrough services are held at the church Auditorium at 116 Jomo kenyatta road (beside Former Brookfield Hotel) in freetown.  

Wining lost soul is key and paramount a component to the ministry. Additionally, we have very roboust units in the church i.e: Evangelism team, Prayer unit,Technical unit, Prayer Unit,Ushering Unit,choir unit, and many more to help and see this vision realised.

Finally,God has been faithful and has blessed the church with a land which the cathedral is presntly been erected on pictures you can find from the folder above named Archive where you can find resources which will bless your heart. Have a Godly Harvest!